Max Engammare - John Calvin’s use of Erasmus

Steven Avery

Max Engammare (b. 1963)

John Calvin’s use of Erasmus (2017)
Max Engammare's_use_of_Erasmus

While Engammare considers the heavenly witnesses an interpolation, his scholarship is generally very good, sans bias.

He has one or two spots that could use correction, one is about Valla and Greek mss.

Lorenzo Valla was the first one to raise the question of the Comma, because at his time no old Greek manuscripts or new ones included the interpolation.
The Lateran Council followed by Codex Ottobonianus as an extant ms. makes this an unfactual statement.

A second time, Calvin was exaggerating with “the best and most approved copies”, which is false, as we know.
Fair to say, as with a similar Turretin comment, this relates to the Received Text editions, plus the Vulgate editions.

La Trinité à l’épreuve du texte. Traduction et annotation du Comma Johanneum (2017)

Also a French review of Grantley McDonald.
Bibliothèque d’Humanisme et. Renaissance 79, 2017
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