methodology flaw in Critical Text editions - inclusion / omission seen the same as alternate variants

Steven Avery

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Steven Avery
Christopher Yetzer - the heavenly witnesses is a special case for the Vulgate. Jerome explained the tendency for the verse to be dropped. Thus, if a "Critical Text" today simply counts noses of the earlier Vulgate texts, it might say it was omitted. However, Jerome clearly did include the verse.
There is a major weakness in all critical texts of the Bible in not understanding that inclusion/omission has a totally different dynamic than just alternate variants. They go by majority rules, democracy.
Thus phrases, verses and sections will often be omitted in a Critical Text that are in fact actually original. Wonder if Grantley Robert McDonald wants to learn about this methodology failure
Simply put, dropping text is easy, happens all the time by scribal error, fatigue, rushing, etc. Adding of text is often very difficult and unusual, especially when it requires specific and deliberate actions. The scribe would also be risking his position.