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vaccine trials - all cause mortality

One simple question. Will any vax or gene technology trials or studies give you their all cause mortality (ACM) numbers? Only interested in control groups that are saline placebo, or no vax at all. Not interested if a different vax Is the control.

Some trials are 40k (20k +20K presumably) people. With 20k generally above-average healthy people (e.g. nobody very old, or in hospitals or morbidities, no infants) in 3 months you would expect under 20 deaths, compared to 40 for the full population including those on the bubble. (Yes, auto accidents deaths can be adjusted and not included in ACM.) And yes, the figure can be tweaked.

So in 3 months of a trial, can we know the ACM? Then 6 months, etc, since the trials are c. 2 years. Or is that number hidden from view by various adjustments or the designed methodology?

Steven Avery
Dutchess County, NY

Steven Avery


Please fix the headline, this is not "during February". Also wrong in the audio and the lines under the audio. This is deaths in a limited 28-day period after vax in about a 4 month period. It would be interesting to FOI other numbers like the 60 day period.


Thank you for your efforts here!

These are incredibly high numbers for about 1.3 million jabs, almost all simply first jab.

BBC - Feb 17
Covid in Scotland: How many people have been vaccinated?

Counting per jab, not tweaking for first or second jab, If this ratio extrapolated to the US population you would have about 1,000,000 deaths in that one month period after jabs! Approximately 600,000,000 jabs would be planned (although really many will resist), which is a herd 460 times greater than the 1.3 million so far in Scotland. 460 x 2,200 takes you over a million deaths. Normally the USA has over 300,000 deaths per year, so in any seven-week period (21 days between jabs and then 28) the normal deaths would be 40,000. The bottom line, the jabs are pharma-$ murder incorporated. There is no way to account for these huge numbers by normal health mortality.

The numbers are so astronomically high that this is a textbook case of correlation impels contribution and causation.

Feel free to tweak my numbers, in any substantive way. (One tweak depends on whether the early jabbers are relatively healthy or relatively fragile.) If I am wrong in any significant way, I will be most happy to be corrected. One thing, clearly there could have been various blunders unique to Scotland which would drive extra carnage.

If you wonder why this was not caught in the trials, I have been wondering about the trial trail. Please see my posts on reddit, studying the tricky 28 day "evidence of infection" exclusion from the Pfizer trials.

vaccine trials - all cause mortality
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Steven Avery
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Steven Avery

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The All Cause Mortality was discussed a bit here:

Vaccine Trials - All Cause Mortality
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Denis Rancourt

This lists his conclusions to date and links to studies. Note that Denis Rancourt does seem to believe that there is a "virus" as defined in the "scientific" community. However, he considers "terrain" as more important.

All-cause mortality during COVID-19: No plague and a likely signature of mass homicide by government response
Denis G. Rancourt

Denis Rancourt - Sept. 19.2020 530 am ET
You know the propaganda has been over-the-top when the @WSJ
starts to scale it back.
Death Toll From Covid-19 Pandemic Extends Far Beyond Virus Victims
Doctors and researchers say more Americans are dying from heart
attacks and other health issues; drop in ER visits, health screenings
ByJon Kamp

Have 400,000 Americans Died of Covid-19?
Celia Farber - Jan 25, 2021

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Steven Avery @StevenAveryNY Oct 1, 2020
Replying to @Humble_Analysis
All cause mortality is the only solid figure, hard to manipulate. Are spikes really other causes? Iatrogenic (e.g. ventilator murder machines) unhealthy hospital treatment, even wrong ailment. In some cases 5G or massive high-dose flu vaccines. See Denis Rancourt paper. Thoughts?

Never a Pandemic Denis Rancourt paper, plus today’s Off-Guardian, any comments?
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Ironically, Denis Rancourt is defending elements of virus theory here:

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