Robert Blakeley Drummond

Steven Avery

Robert Blackley Drummond (1833-1920)

Surprisingly little bio material, DNB handles other Drummonds, including his father:
William Hamilton Drummond (1778–1865),

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The Text Concerning the Three Heavenly Witnesses: An Interpolation (1862)
London : Pub. for the British and Foreign Unitarian Association by Edward T. Whitefield, 1862.
Harvard, Atlanta (microform), UK

Theological Review (1868) p. 527-546
The Greek Text of Erasmus
More interesting material than the later Erasmus book.

Theological Review (1868) p. 163-189
Erasmus in England

Erasmus, His Life and Character as Shown in His Correspondence and Works (1873)
Volume 1
Volume 2

Theological Review (1873)
Erasmus book Review - Charles Kegan Paul

Boston Review (1881)
The English of the Revised Version
The most important passages doctrinally are certainly 1 John v. 7, and 1 Timothy iii. 16, and it is satisfactory to note that, while the notorious Trinitarian interpolation in the former passage is silently dropped from the New Version ...
The Christology of the New Testament (1901)
Five Expository Discourses
1 Timothy 2:3 - Romans 9:5 John 10:30 14:9 Phillipians 2:6


President Lincoln and the American war. A funeral address delivered on Sunday, April 30, 1865

The theatre : its bearings on morals and religion, a lecture. (1875)

Man's chief end, & other sermons, (London, The Lindsey press, 1912)


The relation of the apostolic teaching to the teaching of Christ : being the Kerr lectures for 1900
Robert J. Drummond (1858-1961)