Romans 3 Pauline wonderful scripture pastiche - interpolation into Psalm 14 (13 in LXX) of the "LXX" socalled

Steven Avery

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Bryant Jacob Williams III -

I definitely think that “deletion” is textually appropriate, **in terms of our knowledge today. **

However, that does not solve the puzzle of deciding what was the meaning that the brackets were meant to convey, when they were placed in the text.

The Greek text was popular with the Psalms words in the early centuries. So marking the words for deletion would be unlikely. To be fair though, the words are not in Alexandrinus and are said to be not in the Lucianic text.

Perhaps a commentator in the 1840-1860 period, with access to the Masoretic Text, would be more likely to show the deletion. Sinaiticus has a number of indications of awareness of the Hebrew Bible Masoretic Text, such as a paper by Paul Jouon on Hebraicisms in Tobit. These indications have never been viewed as a textual phenomenon as a group.


Steven Avery

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