the claim that the heavenly witnesses inclusion does not affect the earthly witnesses grammar

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This was probably best refuted by Georgios Babiniotis.

An early example of the claim was in the Frederick Nolan and John Oxlee back and forth.

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Good question.

I'm pretty good with Greek but I can't make heads or tails of this explanation. Whether or not the disputed part is genuine, the neuter nouns are equated to masculine substantives. The addition of the disputed text does not "fix" the gender imbalance.


Above I gave Georgios Babiniotis and Eugenius Bulgaris affirming that the full text, with heavenly and earthly witnesses, has no Greek grammatical difficulty. Babionitis emphasized the parallelism.


Georgios Babiniotis
“Ευγένιος Βούλγαρης is right to consider verse 5.7 obligatory for the existence of verse 5.8
…. The use of masculine gender and not neuter on 5.8.

«καὶ τρεῖς εἰσιν οἱ μαρτυροῦντες ἐν τῇ γῇ,
τὸ Πνεῦμα καὶ τὸ ὕδωρ καὶ τὸ αἷμα
καὶ οἱ τρεῖς εἰς τὸ ἕν εἰσιν»

is linguistically justified on the pattern of “syntactic parallelism”, i.e. on the ground that it makes a pattern completely the same (“parallel”) in structure with that of 5.7.


Frederick Nolan referred to this as figure attraction.
The idea In summary is that the two closely connected parallel sentences are functioning as one grammatical unit.

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Frederick Nolan (1784-1864)


John Oxlee (1779-1854)

had a back and forth on this specific issue.

Christian Remembrancer (1822)





The Bishop is Thomas Burgess.
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Steven Avery

Figure Attraction from Nolan and Slade

British Critic (1814)
Frederick Nolan on Richard Laurence

Inquiry (1815)

This might be the same

James Slade;view=1up;seq=451

William Craig Brownlee *** Christian Advocate (1825) p. 70-71
1827 p. 338-339

Horne 1841

Richard Porson hokey section mentioned by Nolan above



John Ellison Bates

Samuel Minton (quotes Slade)


Demosthenis Midias

Port Royal Grammar

Thomas Nugent (worked on Port Royal grammar

Classical Journal


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