the PeshittA confluence with the PeshittO and Old Scratch manuscripts


Which ones have footnotes or indications that it was not in the original western Peshitta?
UBS* - the star was because there is a footnote to say it was not in the original western Peshitta (as I recall - I don't have the text in front of me.).

Murdoch has no footnote - just the regular text. By contrast for the JC he has "This verse is wanting in most MSS., and is omitted in the edit. London, 1826."

Magiera has no footnote - just the regular text.


Where is Lamsa?

What is HAS?
HAS = Holy Aramaic Scriptures. It's my highest rated and not only pure PeshittA, but a good Tyndale english: assembly for ekklesia/Edtha. I think I know whose involved and I recommend them, if so.

I no longer cite Lamsa: his translation is all over the map, and he's mainly Eastern, but... he has the PA without any footnote. So he disproves my conjecture that the PA is a hallmark of Western translations, if I count him as Eastern. Can I call him Northern?

I'm told his OT is good, and not all over the map, and neither Masoretic nor LXX - they translated it from the Hebrew, perhaps starting before 0AD, as there was lots of bi-directional flow to Palestina - the Assyrians were forcefully settled into Samaria, BC. The early christians would have included those Assyrian Hebrews. I have it but spend little time in the OT, but some argue it shows the Apostles were quoting local Hebrew scrolls, as is best seen in the Peshitta OT, and not necessarily/unlikely the LXX.

PS: It's very interesting to score the best Eastern translations of the PeshittA for the KJV Howlers! And Heb. 2:9. And Acts 2:24. Sitting down at meat, not mere trifle.
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