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First, Lilia Diamantopoulou, who is very well versed on Simonides, offered the idea that Benedict is Michael Sipachios, who was born in 1768 in Symi.

Die getäuschte Wissenschaft: Ein Genie betrügt Europa – Konstantinos Simonides


Steven Avery

Who Faked the "World’s Oldest Bible"?
By David W. Daniels

Benedict’s Project
Stewart’s biography did not include the project that Benedict had in mind. And think I know why. We’ll get to that later. Simonides summarized it this way:



Journal of Sacred Literature (1863)

While at Athos he [Benedict] gave himself up particularly to the study of the sacred Scriptures. He collected the most ancient MSS. of both Testaments, and of their commentators, and at considerable expense prepared his work for the press.
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Steven Avery

how could the young Simonides do all that intense textual work in a short period? - Benedict prep

Christian Remembrancer (1863)

Journal of Sacred Literature and Biblical Record (1863)

[...] he [Benedict] recalled me to Athos. I sailed from the Pireaus in the month of November, 1839, and landed again at Athos for the fifth time. After a few days I undertook the task of transcribing the Codex, the text of which as I remarked before, had many years previously been prepared for another purpose"

(Simonides, The Guardian 21. Jan 1863; published in The Journal of Sacred Literature and Biblical Record, 1863, Bd. 3, 228-229; vgl. daz.u auch Stewart 1859, 4 und Elliott 1982, 177).

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