three features that indicate Latin sources for the Greek text

Steven Avery

lack of articles - (in Greek, ins some mss and quotes)

Christ is truth in v. 6 - "Christus est veritas" (common in Latin tradition)

no "tres unum sunt" in earthly witnesses - (need to track down when it began)


Pure Bible Forum - Christ is truth
any evidences starting from the Lateran Council with v.8 omitting tres unum sunt are Latinized - also Christ is truth


While your article emphasizes the Latinization issue of:

1) article lack,

Along the same line the following two textual issues point to Latin sources:

2. no "three are/agree in one" in the earthly witnesses, as in the Lateran Council, Ottobonianus, Bryennius, Complutensian

3. Christ is truth in v. 6

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