unusual variants

Steven Avery


"because there are three which give testimony upon from [Ottobonianus Grec. 298 [629]]

the earth, the spirit, the flesh [Vulgate, BnF Lat. ms. 4],

the blood, the water, and these three are in us [Vigilius Tapsensis, Contra Variandum 1.5]

are one in us [Vulgate, Paris Bibl. Maz. Lat. 7]

in Christ Jesus [Vulgate, BnF Lat. ms. 13174],

and just as [Vulgate, BL Ms. Add. 11852]

there are three who declare in from [Vulgate, BnF Lat. ms. 11533]

heaven, it is the Spirit who says [Speculum, Avranches, BM, ms. 87 Folio 15r]

the Father, the Son - or - the Word [Vulgate, Old-German, SuStB Augsburg 2 Cod 3 (Cim 47)],

and the Spirit [Vulgate, Codex Cavensis Cod. 1]

the Holy Spirit [Vulgate, BnF Lat. ms. 9380],

these ones [Oxford, Bodleian Library ms Canonici gr. 110 (GA 221ap)],

they are the [Ottobonianus Grec. 298 [629]]

one in Christ Jesus [Vulgate, BnF Lat. ms. 2328]"