Yahweh-worship is the core doctrine - Knowing God by Name

Steven Avery

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Includes Four pages from Knowing God by Name, showing
a) core doctrine is Yahweh-worship
b) the gibberish Yahshua is their primary "real" name for Jesus

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Some people may think I am exaggerating in emphasizing that Yahweh-worship is the core cultish sacred-name doctrine of Homestead Heritage.

Leading to the
“ohhhh yaaahhwweehh” groaning rooms lifting up the jupiter-devil.
Rooms you NEVER want to be apart of.

Here are a few pics from “Knowing God by Name,” 2011.
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Steven Avery


Steven Avery

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Steven Avery

Do be aware that these writings from Homestead are very spiritually unclean.

You may not want to give it too much attention.
We only put it up to help people know what is going on.


Pray “in Jesus name” when you done looking at their sophistry attempts to pull you away from Jesus and to their Jupiter-devil.

Thank you Lord Jesus for your beauty, majesty, clarity, simplicity.
Thank you for guarding my heart away from idolatry and paganism.

In Jesus name!
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