Zacharias Rhetor - c. 500 AD Greek - O Father, and Word, and Holy Ghost ... threefold and holy unity

Steven Avery

Zacharias Rhetor, is a truly fantabulous new Greek evidence for heavenly witnesses authenticity.

Zacharias Rhetor, Bishop of Mytilene

Zacharias of Mytilene (c. 465, Gaza – after 536), also known as Zacharias Scholasticus or Zacharias Rhetor, was a bishop and ecclesiastical historian.


KJVToday - Johannine Comma (1 John 5:7)
Zacharias Rhetor, Bishop of Mytilene

Zacharias Rhetor was a bishop of Mytilene in the late 5th century. He cited the Comma as follows in:

Disputatio De Mundi Opificio (PG LXXXV, 1141):

"Ω Δεσποτα και Δημιουργε τουδε του παντοσ, ω Πατερ, και Λογε, και Πνευμα αγιον, ω Θεια Τριας, και τρισση και αγια μονας."

"The Lord and Creator of all things, O Father, and Word, and Holy Ghost, is the Divine Trinity, both threefold and holy unity." (Translation by KJV Today)
Not only are the three heavenly witnesses named, the following clause, "both threefold and holy unity" mirrors the Comma's "there are three... and the three are one".


Zacharias Rhetor is a very strong allusion. It would be helpful to see if the section as a whole is using Johannine referencing.

(And should be sent over to the often sonambulent NA-UBS crew, maybe Evangelical Textual Criticism would wake up too. Even James E. Snapp, Jr. might wake up here as well, his forum needs some pizazz.) I wonder when it was first in print?

It would be interesting to see if any of the Latin supporters of the heavenly witnesses authenticity had access to this in the 1600s-1700s (much there is untranslated.)
So far I see the work referenced in 1719:

Bibliotheca Baluziana, Seu Catalogus Librorum Bibliothecae ... Stephani Baluzii:

Oh, lets wake up Daniel Wallace too, how tends to try to slight Greek evidences with various sleight of hand tricks.


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