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    all cause mortality - 2020 - USA - Celia Farber article

    Have 400,000 Americans Died of Covid-19? Celia Farber - Jan 25, 2021 The key question is all cause mortality, a number that is more difficult to rig.
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    In the Wake of Simonides

    Hi Wufila and Puxanto, Hope you can make the discussion-debate today on Sinaiticus!
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    allowing newbies to post quickly - popup or beep

    Hi Folks, One way would be email popups and/or phone SMS beep on new entries. I may try to set that up, the idea is to avoid having to check frequently. Shalom, Steven
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    sites that have neat styles - this was vBulletin

    There are some in the vBulletin system and some external, free or paid. Here are some of the externals to look at.
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    natural born citizen

    4 Supreme Court Cases define "natural born citizen" Sharon Rondeau On Sunday, October 18, 2009
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    natural born citizen

    Minor v. Happersett - dicta =============================== Raymond Collier - 2010 It’s also interesting that the Democrats in 1916 were building a “Birther Case” on Charles Evans Hughes during the 1916 Presidential Election. According to the article that I ran across...
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    natural born citizen

    Facebook ===================================== The comments here are good, moved to post #2 President Chester A. Arthur and the Birthers, 1880’s Style J. Gordon Hylton (1852-2018) Oct 12, 2009...
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    Heinrich Bullinger

    Grantley uses Bullinger for legal forensics, and an attempt to segue to the constructio ad sensum grammatical argument of Hofstetter et al.
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    reference in BCHF - Bible Criticism and History Forum

    <p>  BCHF<br /></p> <p> The Zosimas project is looking for the right Greek-reading-savvy individual, or two, who would love a fascinating Greek-textual project. A good logical mind in looking at textual relationships. Working...
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    TheBat! Pictures on problem with redirect filters

    For TheBat! post.
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    the six 'Golani soldiers'

    Sukkot 1995 WIP Planned: Some material I discovered, discussion with Rebecca Tourniaire, various forums, Henry Gruver, Ronnie and Danny, and more.
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    2007 interviews with Ronnie and Danny Wyatt by Rebecca Tourniaire

    Rebecca Tourniaire did an incredible series of interviews with the brothers Ronnie (1961-2015) and Danny in 2007. You learn a lot about Ron, and the history, and also the weird dig done around 2006. =========== Facebook on Pure Bible...
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    Just leave any extra thoughts here.
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    Matthew 28:19, the historical contras (from the AFF thread)

    This will bring over the info, generally one writer at a time.