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    reference in BCHF - Bible Criticism and History Forum

    <p>  BCHF<br /></p> <p> The Zosimas project is looking for the right Greek-reading-savvy individual, or two, who would love a fascinating Greek-textual project. A good logical mind in looking at textual relationships. Working...
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    TheBat! Pictures on problem with redirect filters

    For TheBat! post.
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    the six 'Golani soldiers'

    Sukkot 1995 WIP Planned: Some material I discovered, discussion with Rebecca Tourniaire, various forums, Henry Gruver, Ronnie and Danny, and more.
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    2007 interviews with Ronnie and Danny Wyatt by Rebecca Tourniaire

    Rebecca Tourniaire did an incredible series of interviews with the brothers Ronnie (1961-2015) and Danny in 2007. You learn a lot about Ron, and the history, and also the weird dig done around 2006. =========== Facebook on Pure Bible...
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    Just leave any extra thoughts here.
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    Vaccine Pandemic: Part 1: The Inoculation Controversy of the 1700s Vaccine Pandemic: Part 2: Opposition to Vaccines by Doctors and Others in History...
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    Matthew 28:19, the historical contras (from the AFF thread)

    This will bring over the info, generally one writer at a time.
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    variants affect the doctrine of Christ - Bart Ehrman, George Vance Smith (also Anthony Collins)

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    Luke 3:36 - Which was the son of Cainan

    WIP Luke 3:36 Which was the son of Cainan, which was the son of Arphaxad, which was the son of Sem, which was the son of Noe, which was the son of Lamech, New Evidence for Kainan in New Testament and LXX Papyri...
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    Athanasius - review of heavenly witnesses references

    Expositio fidei catholicae This is given by Charles Forster, and is more on the level of an allusion. Brevis Expositio Fidei or "Expositio fidei catholicae" We should determine if this is covered under another name or author, and have a translation done. Note the other confessions of faith...
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    Athanasius - review of heavenly witnesses references

    Athanasius - Disputation Contra Arius at Nicea Disputation Contra Arium This is likely a fourth century work either by or about Athanasius at Nicea. Some scholarship has tried to make it later, and Charles Forster is excellent in correcting that error. We start with the KJVToday section...