Thomas Smith - example of his shredding Sandius 'lame' arguments - Father as a witness

Steven Avery

Grantley McDonald falsely and rather viciously tries to attack the superb writing of Thomas Smith in many places. Here is one where he simply gives the Sandius argument and does not give the Thomas Smith response.

Grantley McDonald
RGA - p. 196
He also dismisses Sandius’ objection that the comma makes no sense because it would be unworthy for God to stand as a witness. (“Before what judge,” Sandius had asked, “might God stand as a witness?”)

While Grantley made the analysis of Thomas Smith difficult by missing totally his English edition, we have his response here:

Sermon of the credibility of the mysteries



This shredding is also in the 1690 Latin on p. 149, but Grantley did not tell that to the readers.
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