Unknown author (430), Unknown author, 5th Century

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1 Timothy 3:16 as cited by Church Fathers
Berend de Boer

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John Burgon mentions this reference as an unknown author of the age of Nestorius.

As reference he gives the unclear Apud Athanasium, Opp. ii. 33. I think he refers to volume 28 of Patrologia Graeca where, in the “dubia” section, there is a letter called

De incarnatione dei verbi,
http://onlinestoragesolution.net/nygamma/J.-P. MIGNE/PATROLOGIAE GRAECAE/Gk028/Gk028.html?seq=89

not to be confused with a book of the same name by Athanasius of Alexandria. Check where footnote 3 is used and the full text of 1 Timothy 3:16 is readily found.


Unknown author, 5th century


John Burgon mentions also a citation by an unknown writer who has been mistaken for Athanasius.
As reference he gives



Ap. Athanas. i. 706.

We can find this in

volume 28 of the Patrologia Graeca

in the Spuria section with title “Sermones contra diversas haereses”. If you download the PDF, it is page . Or check the online version,

column 1345.
http://onlinestoragesolution.net/nygamma/J.-P. MIGNE/PATROLOGIAE GRAECAE/Gk028/Gk028.html?seq=1345

Check where footnote 49 is used (in the Latin column, and find “manifestatus est in carne”) and then the reference is readily found on the right hand, a little bit above the Latin translation.

Unknown author, 5th century, quotes 1 Timothy 3:16 as found in Patrologia Graeca, volume 28

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Passage from De Incarnation Dei Verbi

“The blessed Apostle Paul says, ‘Great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifested in the flesh . . .' God has been manifested in the flesh…”